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Meet Lindsey...

My life is a mix of chippy paint and champagne bubbles, globe-trotting and staying home, vintage inspiration and modern sensibilities. 

And when I say “mix,” I mean it. 

I’m as likely to sip sparkly champagne from an antique flute on a Friday night at home as I am to clink glasses with strangers on a worldly adventure to parts unknown. I’m as comfortable in couture as I am in t-shirt and jeans (well, maybe not literally as comfortable…but I think you get the idea). 

In my kitchen and on my tabletop, I’m all about “beautiful and useful.”  I pair polished, golden items with pieces yellowed and worn with age. I serve simple breakfast fare on gorgeous Limoges plates. I intentionally surround myself with a blend of things that are ‘light and bright’ as well as rough-hewn.

I think this combination makes life more interesting, authentic, mindful, and celebratory. It’s the essence of - and inspiration - for ZOU ZOU Home. 

I created ZOU ZOU to help you make life more festive and stylish, whether you’re hiding away at home or hosting a special soirée. I carefully curate provisions that are purposeful and whimsical, delightful and natural, indulgent and practical—all with the goal to supply and beautify your everyday life. From effervescent occasions to introspective moments, I’d love to be your co-conspirator in creating contentment, being joyful, and living well.